Holy Sepulcher Church begins mission support!

Parishioners of Holy Sepulcher Church in Butler PA are joining their hearts and hands together to support the San Bernardino School at the mission in Patzun Guatemala.  We are honored to join other Pittsburgh area churches to support different aspectes of the mission:  St. Richard of Gibsonia works closely with the Hospital while St. Anne of Waynesburg directs their efforts to the children of the Orphanage. 

Meetings began in September 2009 at Holy Sepulcher to gauge the interest in mission work.  With over 15 adults attending our 3 monthly meetings we feel a foundation exists.  At each meeting we are exploring the history of the mission, the work done at the missions to date and the current needs of the Patzun Mission, focusing on the needs of the San Bernardino School.  

We first offer our prayers  to the Franciscan Sisters who run the mission, the children there and their families, BUT we want to do more.  Talking about missions immediately calls to mind the idea of making a trip to the mission to offer our spiritual support and general labor.  Our plans are to make our initial trip during the Summer of 2010.  Participants will pay for their own trips and spend a week making physical improvements to the school building and visiting with the children of the school.

Beyond our prayers and physical labor, the San Bernardino School needs our financial support.  Through fundraisers we hope to send money to Patzun so they can pay their teacher salaries and make necessary repairs to their school building.

Reaching out beyond our own needs to help those less fortunate than ourselves truly serves as our example of Christ on earth.


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