Order Hoagies now for Jan 23/24!

As you drive away from church do you start thinking about what to eat for lunch?  We have the answer…HOAGIES!  Hoagies are perfect before the football game or for a quick bite during the game OR  just a simple meal to share with our families. 

Select your favorite hoagies from our 4 choices:
1.  Turkey – healthy sub!
2.  Ham – simple yet satisfying
3.  Pizza – unique meat & cheese combo for that delicious pizza taste!
4.  Italian – this long-time favorite is a crowd-pleaser!

All hoagies are 12″ long and cost $6…
that’s a great deal for a meal!


Order and Pay in advance for your hoagies after Masses on Jan 9/10 and Jan 16/17. 

Pickup your hoagies after any Mass on Jan 23/24, even the 5:30pm LifeTeen Mass!

Profits from the hoagies go directly to the Patzun Mission.


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