Pictures from Patzun, June 17-24 2010

We are excited to share these pictures with you from San Bernardino School and the Patzun area.  Our trip in June 2010 was Holy Sepulcher’s first trip.  We tried to capture the joy of the children, the traditional Mayan culture of the area, the everyday life of the people, our projects while we were there and their needs we hope to help with in the future.



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2 responses to “Pictures from Patzun, June 17-24 2010

  1. Robert Buss

    Hello From Kentucky…we help a village above Patzun, called Mocolixcot. Three of us are going there 1/1/2011 & 1/2/2011. We are looking for a place to stay these two nights. We stayed in a hotel in Patzun but lost their address.

    Do you have any resource that can help us.
    Thank you…

    Bob Buss
    126 Clarksdale Circle
    Glagow, KY 42141
    270 651 3966

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