So far, very good

Holy Sepulcher bathroom

Restroom That Holy Sepulcher Built

Water filters, roofs, a restroom with running water, soccer balls and a play area are some of the projects that Holy Sepulcher Parish has tackled and completed in its first two years supporting San Bernardino in Patzún Guatemala. The restroom at the left is one of the first with running water at San Bernardino. Money from Holy Sepulcher was added to other funds to complete the restroom project.  One nice surprise on the June

  Project    Outcome   Cost Each
   Water filters    50 in classrooms, 50 assigned to families    $35
   Half-scholarships    50 supplied to students    $50
  Clothing and school supplies   12 military duffel bugs   Donated by parishioners
  Physical plant improvements   1 Restroom and 1 playground   $800
  Roof repairs   15 replaced (20 to go)   $650
  New chapel items   2 pews   $100
  Soccer balls   20 balls various sizes   Donated by parishioners

2011 mission trip was the little play area seen at the right. A report in March or April let us know that a bit of our

Holy Sepulcher play area

Holy Sepulcher play area

money had gone to building a play area for students in the primary school but I couldn’t imagine where it might be. So it was comical the day that Hermana Angela and I headed out back of the primary school to look at a wall that collapsed in the heavy spring rain. Spotting a modern restroom and the really nice play area pictured, I asked who paid for the project. “You.” was the one word answer. Indeed, Holy Sepulcher it was you. The simple things pictured here seem like nothing but nothing is precisely what kids had to play with the first 50 years of San Bernardino.

In 2010 Holy Sepulcher noticed that the kids played soccer at every opportunity

America v. Guatemala

America v. Guatemala

but the only available balls were hard plastic. We collected two dozen good soccer balls, sizes appropriate for the littlest students up to full regulation used in this game between the mission group and students from San Bernardino.

Added to our roofsscholarships and  water filters and I’d say Holy Sepulcher is making a very nice accounting of itself.


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