Holy Sepulcher Church has just joined the efforts of other area church in the support of the Mission in Patzun Guatemala. 

Phil Miller was a participant in the first mission support efforts began by St Anne in Waynesburg in 1999 to support the Orphanage.  Since then he has reached out to other parishes to continue to meet the growing needs of the Patzun Missions and the services they provide.  St Richard joined the mission support team and adopted the Orphanage as their focus, with some help also being directed to the Hospital. 

In September 2009, Holy Sepulcher explored with Phil the history and needs of the Patzun Mission, and in particular the school.  With a firm foundation of a minimum of 15 Holy Sepulcher parishioners during our first 3 months of meetings, Holy Sepulcher will begin their support of the San Bernardino School in Patzun with the hopes of providing them:

  • Financial support to pay their teachers
  • Money and helping hands through our mission trip to help improve their building
  • Prayers for the Franciscan Sisters, children and families of Patzun.  

As we learn more about the Patzun Mission, we will gather the history of the mission and record it on this website to share with everyone.


2 responses to “History

  1. Mirella Wessel

    I am glad to see you are continuing this good work.

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